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French is introduced in Pre-Prep, before being taught as a subject in one forty minute lesson each week for pupils in Years 3 – 6.

The current units of work are as follows:

Year 3: je parle francais/je me presente/en famille: pupils learn greetings, simple classroom words, names of people.

Year 4: les animaux/ma famille/ dans ma maison: pupils start learning more complex vocab such as masculine and feminine nouns, names of animals and family members, and a good deal of time dedicated to discovering France and the french culture.

Year 5: les vetements/j’habite/les transports: pupils learn about food and drink, locations, body parts and different means of transport. They become more and more confident language-wise and we do more role plays.

Year 6: Ma journee/ Al’ecole/les sports: pupils will learn the months of the year and talk about their age, discuss sporting activities, discover the names for their school subjects and confidently discuss their morning and evening routines. Pupils will begin to work more independently and will start working on their own projects about France.

Lessons are mostly taught using games, toys (everybody knows about Plankton, our regular visitor!), and songs. Slideshows and visual aids cater for all kinds of learners. It is a very relaxed, informal atmosphere where pupils can feel confident and experiment with the language. At this stage, French learning is a question of building up confidence.

Co-ordinator of French
Mme C Vallée
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